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Wooden Fence

At Perfect Picket Fence and Stain, we believe that a well-constructed chain link fence can provide both security and visual appeal to your residential property. Chain link fencing is a versatile option for many homes in the Cedar Valley region.  It is composed of interlocking steel wires, creating a mesh pattern that is not only durable but also offers excellent security and visibility.


Western Red Cedar Vs. Pressure Treated Pine


Pressure Treated Pine

When it comes to chain link fences, there are various types to choose from, each with its unique characteristics to suit your residential needs.​

  • Pressure treated wooden fences are common in the Cedar Valley due to their lower material cost.
  • Treated wooden fences can also be stained by Perfect Picket Fence and Stain, however this would occur after installation is complete due to their high moisture content at the time of installation.
A wooden fence in a backyard.

-Never rot, warp, or twist. Never

Hidden Steel Posts

At Perfect Picket Fence and Stain, we focus on the longevity of your wooden fence. Our innovative use of hidden steel posts wrapped with wood is a game-changer in wooden fence construction. Here's why it matters:

A cedar wooden privacy fence in a backyard.

-full protection on every surface

Pre-Stained Western Red Cedar Fences

Elevate the aesthetics and protect your investment with our pre-stained Western Red Cedar fences. Here's what you need to know:

  • Deep penetrating Oil-Based Stain: We offer the option to pre-stain your Western Red Cedar fence with a high-quality, deep-penetrating oil-based stain from Expert Stain and Seal.
  • Aesthetic Improvement: Staining enhances the wood’s natural beauty, intensifying its rich tones and grain patterns.
  • Protection: Pre-staining and proper maintenance staining almost completely protects against twisting, cracking, warping, and weather-related wear that a wooden fence experiences.
A piece of wood is sitting on a table next to a box of paint.

-No Gate sag or droop

Wooden Gates Built to Last

Homeowners always remember the fence gate that doesn't open quite right, or not at all. When a fence gate works like it should, every time, it is taken for granted. At Perfect Picket Fence and Stain we build our wooden fence gates to last so you can continue to appreciate the fence and not take the gate for granted.

-Built for you and your property

Customized Wooden Fencing Solutions

At Perfect Picket Fence and Stain, we understand that every home is unique. Our customized wooden fencing solutions are tailored to your specific needs and preferences:

  • Personalized Approach: We emphasize the importance of personalized solutions to ensure your fence complements your property’s style and meets your fence goals.
  • Design Process: Our team will work closely with you to create a customized design that reflects your vision for the perfect wooden fence.  Whether that is a traditional privacy fence or a more custom design.
  • Client-Centric: We take pride in our client-centric approach, ensuring that your expectations are not only met but exceeded.
  • Custom Wooden Gates: We build custom wooden gates to meet the desired look for your home and accent your fence.  Complete with our standard steel powder coated gate frames, optional inlays, and custom hardware.  When we say custom gate frames, we mean truly custom for your fence.

Installing in your area

Service Areas

Perfect Picket Fence and Stain proudly serves Cedar Falls, Waterloo, and the entire Cedar Valley region. We're committed to enhancing residential fencing solutions for our local communities and providing top-notch service to our neighbors.

Residential fence and chain link fence installation in Cedar Falls, Ohio.
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The word "Waterloo" is written on the side of a chain link fence.

-Your Residential Fence Experts

Professional Installation

Professional installation of your wooden fence is crucial for ensuring its longevity and effectiveness. Our team of experts at Perfect Picket Fence and Stain adhere to all best practices and modern techniques for wooden fence installation in accordance with local regulations and standards. We take care of the entire process, from planning to completion, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you.

A GMC Sierra truck with a flatbed trailer hauling an ornamental aluminum fence.

-Our wooden fence Work

Our Recent Wood Fence Projects

Explore our gallery of completed residential wooden fencing projects. These images showcase the quality of our work and provide inspiration for your fencing project. Each project is a testament to our commitment to excellence and attention to detail.

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Perfect Picket Fence and StainPerfect Picket Fence and Stain5.0 Based on 33 reviews fromSee all reviewsKatie FranzenKatie Franzen ★★★★★ We reached out to Nick and Perfect Picket a few weeks before closing on our new home. Nick set himself apart immediately in our first meeting from several other "big name" companies we met with. He called a few hours after we submitted an online inquiry. We were able to meet later that day onsite and we were blown away by his attention to detail, his explanation of his process, and his willingness to meet our needs for the fence we wanted. Nick took the time to investigate a complicated easement and utility alley and explain our options so our fence could still best meet our needs. No other fence installer bothered to take the time or care to help us navigate this obstacle. We went with a six-foot black chain link fence and will be adding a privacy screen in the spring. We are more than happy with the fence because Nick put our mind at ease and kept us updated throughout the process with every detail no matter how small. We would, without hesitation, recommend Nick and his team over any other company in the area.Zach FischelsZach Fischels ★★★★★ Perfect Picket exceeded our expectations! Working with Perfect Picket, I can tell Nick and his team care deeply about their customers, the fences they build, and the experience they provide. The initial proposal was more in-depth, thoughtful, and helpful than what I received from any other company I got estimates from. Even my HOA commented on the proposal as being the best they had ever seen! Before and throughout the build, the level of communication from Nick was excellent. I could tell that quality was top of mind for him the entire way. We are very satisfied with the final product and would recommend Perfect Picket to anyone looking for a high quality, yet competitively priced fencing solution!Corys PaintingCorys Painting ★★★★★ We had a few challenging aspects to consider when planning for the fence we wanted to have installed. Nick was very knowledgeable and offered several solutions to fit our needs and completed the project exceeding our expectations. The smarter half and I are more than willing to offer a recommendation!Jennifer BoeversJennifer Boevers ★★★★★ So impressed with the attentiveness, the quality, and the flexibility of Perfect Picket. Great job on this project!! Would 100% recommend.Valerie ShowmanValerie Showman ★★★★★ We couldn’t be more pleased with our steel fence by Perfect Picket! Nick is so personable and professional! They made sure everything was perfect the whole way through! Having just built a home, we’ve dealt with a number of contractors and Perfect Picket was by far our favorite! We joke that we hope they are on to building homes by the time we build our next one. 😉Stacy WilsonStacy Wilson ★★★★★ 5 ft. Black chain link. Very personable and professional. Attention to detail was amazing. Turn around time for completion of the project was outstanding. We love our Perfect Picket fence!Brian HigginsBrian Higgins ★★★★★ Nick and his crew demonstrated a level of professionalism and attention to detail that you just don't find in the contracting world. The work he did was as described at a fair price and he was excellent with his communication. A real pleasant experience and I would not hesitate to recommend Perfect Picket.Devin Harschnek (devin24_7)Devin Harschnek (devin24_7) ★★★★★ Perfect Picket cleaned and stained my existing treated pine fence. I'm stoked on how it turned out. If you're looking for a quality fencing company, give them a call.Bart SchipperBart Schipper ★★★★★ It was a great experience. Quality work, great communication. Happy with the finished product. If you need a new fence, give them a call, you will not be disappointed.Tony DuffyTony Duffy ★★★★★ Very professional exelent work keep you well informed thanksChristina CarpenterChristina Carpenter ★★★★★ Nick was prompt delivering our quote and very professional. Nothing but positive things to say! Highly recommend.Tara WalkerTara Walker ★★★★★ Would recommend Nick and his team to anyone! From start to finish, Nick provided excellent communication, was very knowledgeable and was able to get our fence in for us quickly which was a huge relief. Finished product looked great and we couldn’t be more pleased with the excellent service!Lauren HallLauren Hall ★★★★★ If you're looking for a fence, Perfect Picket Fence and Stain is the way to go. Nick and his team are personable, professional, detail oriented, and timely. Nick and his team made the process from estimates to completed product seamless. We couldn't be more happy with our new fence. We highly recommend Perfect Picket Fence and Stain.Scarlett ClarkScarlett Clark ★★★★★ Good communication, explained the process of everything with lots of details. Fence looks very good. The Owner worked with me & added extra things when I asked for more stuff to be added to the fence. Got my new 8ft fence up fast didn't have to wait long.Echo CaytonEcho Cayton ★★★★★ Perfect Picket Fence was awesome! Nick is great to work with, very detailed and answered all my questions. Quick and easy quote on the spot, and got us scheduled much sooner than I thought would happen. Project(chain link) took barely two days, and the fence looks perfect! He updated us frequently and took time to explain any minor changes. Wonderful customer service and communication. Highly recommend!Molly DoranMolly Doran ★★★★★ We had a great experience with our fence install. After the install, our dog found a way to sneak out through the cracks, and Nick came out less than 48 hours later to make some adjustments. He was extremely communicative throughout the entire process. I would hire Nick again in a heartbeat. Thanks for the great experience!James RooffJames Rooff ★★★★★ Thank you Nick for doing such a GREAT job. Your professionalism and attention detail on our fence is greatly appreciated. I will highly recommend you to anyone wanting a fence installed.ray schaeferray schaefer ★★★★★ This guy knows how to build a fence. Did a great job would highly recommend. Did a perfect job.Benny SalceBenny Salce ★★★★★ I contacted perfect picket fence for a estimate after purchasing a home they came gave me a estimate being late in the year didn’t know if I could get it installed after being turned away by other contractors they were very professional and gave me several options of fencing and ideas we agreed on fencing and layout and installed it a week later after new years day completed the fence in one day start to finish doing a excellent job very straight and even no mess whatsoever when they finished it looked like the fence had been there all along they did an excellent job I would highly recommend them for any type of fencingMichael RueberMichael Rueber ★★★★★ Perfect Picket built a cedar privacy fence in our backyard. Nick made sure to give us options and took time to really understand what we wanted for a fence. We even threw at him a complicated lattice design for our gates, in which he exceeded our expectations. The quality of materials and craftsmanship are truly outstanding.Elke Simmer GerdesElke Simmer Gerdes ★★★★★ Thank you Perfect Picket for the quick install and mailbox suggestion. It’s well perfect. Professional with great communication on even the smallest of job. Looking forward to using Nick and his team in the future and recommending them to others!Jil MinikusJil Minikus ★★★★★ Nick is awesome! He brought samples of stain colors to choose from and explained everything what he had to do and what he was using and why. He cleaned and prepped the fence and stained it for me. He is very reasonable on his price! I definitely will refer his business to others, which I have already doneSheri NolteSheri Nolte ★★★★★ Excellent job building my high quality wooden privacy fence exactly how I wanted it. It is perfect and I love it! Highly recommend Perfect Picket Fence and Stain!Kristen EaganKristen Eagan ★★★★★ Great experience working with Nick. Very professional and goes above and beyond to make sure you are satisfied. Uses higher quality materials for a perfect fence! Overall highly satisfied.Rachel BensonRachel Benson ★★★★★ Nick & his team were great to work with! Very responsive, upfront about expectations/pricing and eager to get our job done as quickly as possible.js_loader

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you install chain link fences in the Cedar Valley?

Yes, we proudly offer residential chain link fence installation in the Cedar Valley region, including Cedar Falls and Waterloo. Our install team is experienced with the specific needs and requirements for installing chain link in this area.

Is a chain link fence a good choice for the Cedar Valley?

Chain link fences are an excellent choice for the Cedar Valley due to their durability, affordability, and suitability for various residential applications. They provide security without obstructing visibility, making them a popular option for many homeowners in the area.

How durable are chain link fences?

Chain link fences are known for their durability. They are constructed using interlocking steel wires that can withstand harsh weather conditions. With proper maintenance, a chain link fence can last for many years and decades.

How much will a new chain link fence cost?

The cost of a new chain link fence varies depending on factors such as the size, type, and customization options. We offer free fence consultations and quotes for our chain link fencing services, so please contact us to get an accurate estimate tailored to your specific needs and budget.

What is PVC-coated chain link fence?

PVC-coated chain link fencing is a type of chain link fence with a vinyl coating that offers added protection against corrosion and enhances its visual appeal. It is available in various colors to complement your property's aesthetics such as black, brown and green.

How do I secure the bottom of a chain link fence to keep my pets from getting out?

To secure the bottom of a chain link fence and prevent pets from getting out, we can install a bottom tension wire or add a bottom rail.  However, if a chain link fence is stretched correctly adding these items are more optional than necessary.  These options can help maintain the fence's integrity and keep your pets safe.

Do chain link fences have a warranty?
  • Yes, we take pride in offering what we believe to be the most extensive and comprehensive fence warranties available in the Cedar Valley for residential fencing. With every project, you receive a standard transferable limited lifetime warranty. In addition, we provide unique transferable lifetime warranties tailored to each specific fence type we work on, including chain-link, treated wooden fences, cedar wooden fences, fence cleaning and staining, as well as ornamental aluminum and ornamental steel fences!
How tall should my fence be?

The ideal height for your chain link fence depends on your specific needs.  Waterloo and Cedar Falls building codes state that 6’ tall chain link is the tallest height available to install for residential applications. 4’ tall chain link is by far the most common for residential properties in our area.  Perfect Picket Fence Consultants can help you determine the appropriate height to ensure your fence meets your goals and adheres to local guidelines.

Can you put chain link gates on a sloped hill?

Yes, we can install chain link gates on sloped hills. Our experienced installers will design and install gates that accommodate the slope of your terrain while ensuring proper functionality and security.

Can I add privacy slats or a privacy screen to my chain link fence?

Yes, you can enhance the privacy of your chain link fence by adding privacy slats or a privacy screen. These options offer both security and seclusion while maintaining the durability of your chain link fence. We can discuss these customization options during a free fence consultation.