Is Perfect Picket Fence and Stain locally owned and operated?
Perfect Picket is proudly owned and operated by Nicholas Graham, a lifelong resident of Cedar Falls. Our commitment to crafting and staining top-notch fences for the Cedar Falls/Waterloo community and its neighboring areas not only champions a local business and family but also fosters local employment and career prospects.
Are you licensed and insured to install and stain fences in the Cedar Valley?
Absolutely! Perfect Picket Fence and Stain holds a valid state of Iowa license as a fence contractor. Additionally, we are fully insured to cover residential fence staining and installation. Furthermore, we prioritize the safety and well-being of our employees with comprehensive workers' compensation policies in place.
Do you provide warranties for your fence projects?
Indeed, we take pride in offering what we believe to be the most extensive and comprehensive fence warranties available in the Cedar Valley for residential fencing. With every project, you receive a standard transferable limited lifetime warranty. In addition, we provide unique transferable lifetime warranties tailored to each specific fence type we work on, including chain-link, treated wooden fences, cedar wooden fences, fence cleaning and staining, as well as ornamental aluminum and ornamental steel fences!
Can I count on your reliability?
At Perfect Picket Fence and Stain, we not only build exceptional fences but also foster strong bonds within the Cedar Falls/Waterloo community. Our commitment to keeping our word and following through on our promises is at the heart of our reliability. We're not just constructing fences; we're building lasting relationships within our community.
What is the price range for a new fence or fence staining?
To get an accurate estimate for your specific project, we recommend scheduling a complimentary residential fence consultation with us. Fence costs can vary significantly depending on factors such as terrain, chosen materials, fence height, and the overall length of the fence.
What is the most popular type of fence in Cedar Falls, Iowa?
In the Cedar Valley area, we've observed a fairly balanced preference for various fence types. Chain-link fences, wooden privacy and semi-privacy fences, and vinyl fences are all popular choices among residents of Cedar Falls and Waterloo. Often, the choice of fence type is influenced by the specific goals of the project and the available budget. That being said, we've noticed a growing trend in homeowners opting for pre-stained western red cedar fences with steel posts. These fences not only offer impressive strength and customization options but also stand out for their exceptional aesthetics.
What areas does Perfect Picket Fence and Stain serve?
Perfect Picket typically operates within a 30-mile radius of Cedar Falls and Waterloo, covering areas like Hudson, Dike, New Hartford, Waverly, Janesville, Denver, Elk Run Heights, Evansdale, La Porte City, Gilbertville, Raymond, and Traer. While this radius serves as a general guideline, it's not set in stone. If you're interested in a consultation and quote but find yourself just outside our service area, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.
Do you employ the latest installation techniques for residential fences?
We take great pride in staying current with the latest tools, techniques, and materials for all types of fencing projects. Our commitment to excellence includes regular attendance at multiple fence conventions and training events throughout the year. Furthermore, we are proud members of the American Fence Association (AFA) and the Fence Workers Association (FWA). In addition to these affiliations, we actively participate in various online networks for fence professionals and fence staining experts. This ensures that we not only educate others about successful methods but also stay informed about cutting-edge installation techniques and tools from fence professionals across the country.
Can Perfect Picket Fence and Stain work with existing fences on my property?
Certainly! Many homeowners request this service, and we're well-equipped to accommodate such needs. While the specifics of your situation may vary, we often remove previously installed fences to replace them with something stronger, more durable, or better suited to your property. We're also experienced in seamlessly adding on to existing fencing to meet your family's evolving needs. To explore your options, we recommend scheduling a free fence consultation to discuss your unique situation.
Will my vinyl fence withstand the wind loads of a storm?
The durability of a vinyl fence can vary, as not all vinyl fences are created equal, and not all fence contractors take the necessary steps to ensure maximum strength. At Perfect Picket Fence and Stain, we go the extra mile in all our vinyl fence installations. We incorporate multiple additional, often hidden, components as standard features. These include using rivets instead of screws for gates and hardware, installing anti-sag bars for gates, and implementing rail locks to securely connect the fence components, among other details that are sometimes overlooked or omitted.
What questions should I ask before investing in a new vinyl, aluminum, wood, or chain-link fence?
Whether you're considering Perfect Picket Fence and Stain or another company for your fencing needs, it's essential to ask the following questions:
  • What is your company's warranty, and is it transferable? Can I have it in writing?
  • Which type of fence best suits my family's goals, budget, and home?
  • What sets your fence installation process apart from other companies like XYZ?
  • Does your company actively provide training and education to your fence installers and team members? If so, how do you go about it?
We recommend posing these questions regardless of the company you're in discussions with because not all "contractors" maintain the same quality of materials, tools, and craftsmanship. Ensuring these aspects are in place will prevent your fence from failing prematurely and save you money in the long run by getting the job done right the first time.
Are you members of any professional fence associations?
Yes! We are proud members of the American Fence Association as well as the Fence Workers Association. On top of that we are members of many fence installation and fence staining groups online that allow us to connect with fence contractors from around the country.
How tall should my fence be?
That depends of three factors.
  1. What is the goal of the fence?
  2. What is the location of the fence (front, side, or rear of the home)?
  3. What city do you live in?
Most of the cities in our service area allow fences up to 8’ tall, however it also depends on what side of the house you are placing the fence and if you have a corner, alley, or easement on your property. Setting up a free fence consultation with Perfect Picket Fence and Stain will allow us to see your property in person, know your goals, and not only share the knowledge we have about your cities fence ordinances but investigate further with your cities planning and zoning and permitting office should we not have the answer.
My property isn’t flat. Will your fencing leave big gaps under the fence?
Not at all. Most yards are not as flat as they may appear, so building on sloped terrain is very common. Typically a gap of 1-2 inches is the target space from the bottom of the fence to the ground. Sometimes the fence gap can get up to 3” per the homeowners direction.
Will your fencing meet local pool code?
Absolutely! Each city has different requirements for securing pools. This can be fence height, fence type and/or specific pool latches for fence gates. As long as we are aware that you are putting a fence in that needs to meet pool code we can confirm with the city you are in to make sure the fence we build keeps everyone safe and meets your specific fence needs and wants.
Does Perfect Picket Fence and Stain have a fence maintenance program?
We do! Keeping your fence maintained through regular cleaning, inspection, and if a wooden fence, staining will ensure that your investment stands beautiful and strong for decades to come!
Can a fence enhance the value of my property?
Absolutely! A professionally constructed and well-maintained fence offers a range of benefits. It adds aesthetic appeal and security to your yard, making your outdoor space more comfortable and functional. Additionally, it can significantly boost the curb appeal of your home, contributing to an increase in your property's overall value.
Do I need a permit for a fence in the Cedar Valley?
Yes, residential fences require permits from your local city permit office in order to legally build. Perfect Picket Fence and Stain ensures that all permits are obtained and approved on your behalf before showing up for installation. If there is ever an issue with the permitting process we meet with city officials to discuss the issue and relay any adjustments needed to you prior to construction beginning.
Who requests the underground markings for a fence installation in Cedar Falls, Iowa?
Perfect Picket Fence and Stain contacts Iowa One call 3-7 days prior to fence installation. This not only eliminates any homework for the homeowner but it also allows Perfect Picket to ensure that the appropriate areas of the yard are marked for utilities prior to construction.
Do you remove existing fences prior to installation?
Yes. It isn’t uncommon for Perfect Picket to remove existing fences prior to installing a new fence.
How can I pay for my fence installation or staining?
After signing the quote for a Perfect Picket fence you’ll receive an invoice via QuickBooks in your email. The easiest way to pay is by ACH payment which has no fee. Alternatively, we accept personal checks or cashier's checks.
Do you install fences year round?
As long as it’s not below 20 degrees and there isn’t significant snow on the ground we are able to install residential fences of all types year round!
Can you install fences over concrete driveways or sidewalks?
Absolutely! We offer both core drilling and plated post installation for installing over concrete driveways or sidewalks. The gold standard is core drilling as it is the strongest and most secure way to install a post into concrete. However, there are certain situations where plated post installation is more appropriate. The best way to find out which installation method works best for your property is to schedule a free fence consultation.
Does Perfect Picket Fence and Stain train their fence installers and fence stainers?
Constant training, learning, and improvement is key to a Perfect Picket fence installation and staining. We use a combination of training events, training videos and documents, controlled environment training, and on-site training to ensure that the installers and stainers working on your fence are qualified for the task at hand!